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 Sibel Kavunoglu

In the past, the finance sector has mainly worked on the alleged mismanagement of improvement and development projects. She met with the Transformal Breath in 2005 enabled her to discover his own truth. Having started her spiritual journey to realize that life is full of miracles, one of her travels in 2010 was to meditate beside his breathing studies by stepping into another period of his life of encounter with Tibet's spritual leader Dalai Lama

Sibel Kavunoğlu, a person who has been trusted only for a long time, believes that the path goes through the heart and says, "Once you open your heart, you allow your system to function as it should. Love at the front, creative energy, abundance and abundance start to flow towards you. "


Work in Turkey and Abant Lake is 14 km away Elmacik Dere Tushita meditation center in the village, at the beginning of 2017 for the first time in a Buddhist monastery in India has led to a retreat. 


Sibel Kavunoğlu, who is the author of the book "Your True Desires and Wishes", shares his writings on the Milliyet/Sağlık web site since 2011.


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