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Meditation to Be Happy


There are many different meditation techniques. Each technique has its own specific function and benefit. By meditating, the mind can be transformed. In this way, more positive states of mind are experienced. Although the best results can be obtained by doing it in a quiet, calm place, after a certain experience, it is possible to meditate in a noisy environment, even while working, walking, going on the bus, or cooking. The important thing is to bring the mind to the meditative level.


Transforming the mind is a slow, gradual process. When we take meditation into our lives by doing it with patience, we soon get to know the real us, we begin to experience less worry, more positive and comfort. Our unrealistic expectations decrease, our relationships improve, we do not deteriorate and we have a satisfying and happy life.

What is Meditation?


Meditation can be defined as “familiarity”, “familiarity”. Through meditation, we discover the truth by focusing on any object or event and using our intuition and inner wisdom. We can get upset or even angry when someone treats us with disrespect, which we don't deserve. The reason we are sad and angry is because we are familiar with negative behaviors and emotions. By meditating, we can become more familiar with the positive instead of the negative, learn to incorporate the positive into our lives more easily and naturally, and be more calm and patient, even more loving and compassionate, in the face of people who behave disrespectfully. By discovering how to be happy even in the most difficult and painful experiences with meditation, one day we can find ourselves completely free from dissatisfaction, anger and anxiety.

 Why Meditation?


Every person wants to be happy. The true purpose of the choices we make in this life is to be happy and to move away from pain and sadness. We go from one relationship to another, from one job to another, from one city to another, spend money on electronic devices that we think will entertain us, spend time in nature, eat healthy foods, do yoga, and experience happiness by experiencing many spiritual techniques. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy. The real problem is to think that all these activities are the source of happiness. Although these activities make us happy at the beginning, the feeling of happiness somehow disappears after a while. 


Nature, our environment, our friends are in constant change. Although eating chocolate makes us happy at first, we may not feel the same happiness when we eat a kilo of chocolate in one sitting. According to the Buddhist understanding, happiness is permanent and everyone has the potential to experience permanent happiness. The real source of happiness is within the mind. Happiness is about understanding the mind and transforming it.

Benefits of Meditation


The main purpose of meditation is to increase your awareness of yourself and to get in touch with your inner power, thus enriching your daily bodily activities, relationships with people and your life.  During Deep Meditation, a great harmony occurs between mind, body and spirit. In this way, the person feels much more comfortable and better. Calming the body and mind helps you connect your questions with pending answers. It purifies you from the excessive tension, stress, pain and deep conflict of daily life and strengthens yourself energetically and spiritually. 


When meditation is done regularly and continuously, we can see its full benefits. When we begin to practice meditation as a daily exercise, the comforting stillness and serenity that results from the concentration of all the mind and attention on one point becomes more and more attractive. You gradually come to know and accept your higher self and consciousness more closely. When you get to know your abilities and strengths more closely, they serve in relation to what you do in your own life and your life's higher purpose. 


The Most Known Benefits of Meditation;


  • Clarifies the mind, improves positive concentration. 

  • A peaceful mind ensures self-esteem and happiness

  • Strengthens memory. 

  • It gives you the strength to face life's challenges with calmness.

  • Allows your full potential to be unleashed

  • It makes you better control your thoughts. 

  • It makes it easier for you to make decisions.

  • It improves your sleep quality. 


All information is taken from the book "How to Meditate" by Kathleen McDonald. 

If we expect love from the outside, we must first discover the love inside. The more we discover the love within us, the more we reflect it. Peace does not mean that there will be no problems or conflicts. Peace means spreading our compassion to people by using our common sense when a conflict arises. However, the existence of violence is also limited. This is true peace. But this is very difficult unless we achieve our inner peace. True peace comes from inner peace..Holiness Dalai Lama

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