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Breath And Health

The essential element required by the body to produce healthy cells is blood in an oxygen-rich state. Healthy cellular reproduction is essential to good health, and it has been proven to be an antidote to many diseases. On the other hand, if most people only use one-third of their respiratory system when they breathe, they only get close to 30% of the oxygen they need to stay healthy. It is not surprising, then, that one out of every two people suffers from serious illness. The Transformational Breathing Technique teaches how to breathe more effectively and opens the entire respiratory system to ensure adequate breathing.

Transformational Breathing increases oxygen levels and breathing capacity by restructuring one's breathing pattern, thereby increasing one's oxygen volume by two, three, or even more. There are many documented records showing the disappearance of existing symptoms of patients with chronic diseases after Transformational Breathing exercises. For example, in a study conducted at the Regio Emilia hospital in Italy, it was determined that after 10 transformal breathing sessions given to 20 patients with respiratory problems by a breathing therapist, patients increased their oxygen capacity by an average of 65-85%. In addition, physical, mental and emotional symptoms were also significantly reduced.
It has been medically proven that air and oxygen play an important role not only in staying healthy but also in treating and eliminating diseases. In addition to the treatment methods applied by medicine, as we can see in the examples below, there are many doctors and specialists who support the healing of diseases by breathing method.




"The first discovery was made by the Nobel Prize-winning Doctor Otto Warburg, Director of the Department of Cell Physiology at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. Warburg proved that the basic prerequisite for the development of cancer is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level." Nathaniel Altman Oxygen Healing Therapies, p.66
"Oxygen deficiency is definitely the most fundamental factor in causing cells to become cancerous." Doctor Harry Goldblatt, Journal of Experimental Medicine"

Cancer has only one main cause. It is to replace the normal oxygen respiration of the body cells with anaerobic (ie, oxygen deficient) cell respiration." Doctor Otto Warburg  Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine (for Cancer Research)
"Cancer is a condition that occurs when the cells of the body, outside of physiological control, deteriorate due to a large decrease in oxidation in the body. Similarly, the real cause of allergy is the decrease in the oxidation process in the body and the affected person's becoming sensitive to substances entering the body from outside. sensitivity can only be removed by restoring the oxidation mechanism to its original effective state." Doctor Wendell Hendricks  Hendricks Research Institute

"The relationship between breathing and blood pressure has been proven by research long ago. In summary, elevated blood pressure accompanies a bodily state in which rapid-shallow breathing prevails. Blood pressure can be lowered by changing breathing to slow diaphragmatic breathing."_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Robert Fried, Ph. D. Respiratory Connection, p.152
“Research conducted by researchers John Goyeche, Dr. Ago, and Dr. Ikemi on treating patients with asthma assumed that any effective treatment would address repressed emotions such as anxiety and self-awareness as well as the physical dimension. They tried to allow unrelated respiratory muscles to relax during the creation of full diaphragmatic breathing. They were also advised to find ways to prevent the formation of excess phlegm. The good news is that a comprehensive breathing exercise does all of this." Donna Farhi, The Book of Breathing, p.207 
After my patients added breathing exercises to their lives, improvements began to appear in other bodily ailments. I have a very simple and comprehensive reason for this. The human body is structured to expel 75% of toxins through respiration. Only a small proportion of the toxins are excreted through perspiration, defecation and urine. If breathing is not at its highest efficiency, you are not properly expelling toxins. Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Conscious Breathing, p.17
"The most overlooked benefit of extra oxygen in tissues is its ability to detoxify more effectively." Doctor Kurt W. Donsbach, DC, ND, Super Health Oxygen 
"Illness is the result of improper removal of toxins from the body. Oxygen is the most vital factor that helps the body to expel toxins." Ed McCabe Oxygen Therapies, A New Approach to Illness (1988)

"Coronary heart diseases are caused by the lack of oxygen taken up by the heart." -Doctor Dean Ornish 
"...healthy breathing should be the first thing to be taught to a heart patient. In a Dutch study conducted by a doctor named Dixhoorn, two groups of heart patients were compared with each other. The first group was taught simply to breathe from the diaphragm, while the other group was not shown any breathing method. While no one from the group had a subsequent heart attack, 7 of the 12 members of the second group had a second heart attack within the next 2 years." Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Conscious Breathing, p.16 
"An oxygen deficiency disease (hypoxia) is the main cause of 1.5 million heart attacks each year." Doctor Richard Lippman, Renowned Researcher
“Jack Shield, MD, a specialist in Lymphology in Santa Barbara, California, conducted research investigating the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Using an in-body camera, deep diaphragmatic breathing increases the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum that sucks lymph into the blood stream. causes the rate of excretion of toxic substances to increase to 15 times the normal rate." J. Shields, Lymphology Specialist, Lymph Nodes and Equilibrium, Vol. No. 25 4, December 92, pp.147-153
"The root cause of disease is improper breathing." Doctor Andrew Weil 
"All chronic pain, suffering, and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cellular level." Specialist Arthur C. Guyton, Textbook of Medical Physiology 
“Breathing is the key that unlocks the entire catalog of enhanced biological function and development. Is it not surprising that it is so fundamental to all aspects of health? Whenever fatigue, illness, or disorganized energy manifests itself, one's first thing to look at is breathing, not the last thing. Breathing is truly the body's most basic communication system." Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, Ph.D. Healing with Oxygen, p. 96 
"Oxidation is the source of life. Its absence causes poor health or disease. Its absence means death." Doctor FM Eugene Blasse, Ph.D. Oxygen Therapy: Establishment, Target, and Results 
"Simply put, the disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process that must occur in the body, resulting in the accumulation of toxins. These toxins must be burned regularly through normal metabolic functions." Albert Wahl 
“Oxygen plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the immune system.Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D.
"In all serious disease states there is also an accompanying sign of low oxygen status... The presence of low oxygen in body tissue is definitely a sign of disease... Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the root cause of all degenerative diseases. Oxygen is the source of life for all cells."  Dr. Stephen Levine, Renowned Molecular Biologist and Genetics, Oxygen Deficiency: A Guilty for All Degenerative Diseases
 "An oxygen-strapped body will get sick and die if this continues, I doubt there is anything more to be said about it." Doctor. John Muntz, Nutrition Scientist
 "Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy, which can result in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening illness. In such a situation, the relationship between insufficient oxygen and disease is strongly established."  W. Spencer Way  Journal Of The American Association Of Physicians
 Partially starved cells emit tiny panic signals throughout the body that collectively cause a constant sense of vague discomfort, great fear, or disaster. This low level general warning will be perceived by the person experiencing it as a dissonant hum. Or it is attributed to another source of discomfort… People rarely treat the constant vague feeling of fatigue, helplessness… uneasiness as symptoms of cellular oxygen deprivation.” Townsend Letters for Doctors


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