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Online Nefes

Meet Your Breath

January 31, 2022

Get Your Love, Come 

February 14, 2022

 Saat 19-21.00 Online

Sibel Kavunoğlu will talk about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual gifts of consciously Integrating Transformational Breathing in her work "Meet Your Breath".   Detail Information


From Mind to Heart I The Way Back Home

19-26 January- 2-9 February 2021

The only thing that can gather the heart is intelligence = mind = mind that is adept at focusing. Want to explore the mechanics of the way to become a mind and heart person?Detail Information


From Mind to Heart I Turn Into Say Stop

2-9-16-23 March 2022


Every moment we spend training our hearts is precious. All our heart has to do is love, the more often we remember ​​the easier it is to distance ourselves from judgment and reproaches.Detail Information

Transformal Nefes Semineri.jpg

Breath Cafe

Sunday, August 7  19.00-20.30

Once a Month, We Breathe Together For Those Who Attend Our Seminars and Weekends. Detail Information

Nefesini Yeniden Kazan

Regain Your Breath

18-20 February 2022

Breath in Heaven Tushita

One on One

Regain Your Breath of Face to Old Days After a Long Time Detail information

Öz Şefkat

50 Shades of Mercy

Create Your Group Contact Us, Let's Do It

Self-compassion is important to everyone. Self-Compassion is a part of our lives misunderstood and neglected cc-581905_1365bad_cc-581905_bbd3cDetail Information

Image by Damon On Road

Breath Butterfly Effect

25 October 2022 Time 19.30-21.30

Online at New Moon

Edward Lorenz suddenly finds himself in something else while building a weather forecast model in 1963. “Can a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil cause a hurricane in America?” Detail Information

Meditation Group

Meditation Cafe

Again After Autumn

If you want to stay calm, be more focused, and explore the meditation technique in depth, once a month Meditation Cafe can be your home where you can do all these. Detail Information


Breathe, Change Your Life

Every Tuesday 19.30-21.30 Online

By breathing consciously, you have an effective tool to cope with any situation that affects your breathing. Detail Information

Korkusuz Kalbe Sahip Olmanın Yolu

How to Have a Fearless Heart

Create Your Group Contact Us, Let's Do It

The whole world is in turmoil. While we have been chasing a successful career, a beautiful physique, a life of pleasure and happiness for years, we are now faced with illness, life and economic crisis.  Detail Information

Online Nefes

What Did the Participants of Our Online Studies Say?


We said "Don't be alone during the pandemic period" and continued to provide our support online. Detail Information

Transformal Nefes Semineri

Transformational Breath Seminar

11-15 November 2022 Istanbul

Conscious and effective breathing has become more important than ever.  In this difficult process we are going through, it is very important to have awareness about the respiratory system with one's breath.Detail Information

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