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About Meditation


Come to the Truth

Mindfulness technique is seen as a mystical tool that will completely change our lives and make us feel good. Unfortunately, mindfulness is not like that. As the saying goes, it doesn't make us feel good all at once. You have to work hard to feel good. Entire Article

Understanding the Nature of the Mind

From the beginning of human evolution until today, humans have sought pleasure and happiness in many ways. The vast majority were not successful. I'm sure you realize this from your own experience. At least you know that happiness does not depend on wealth. It is no longer necessary to go to the Himalayas to gain awareness. Entire Article

Time to Go Beyond the Cushion

The answers to the question "What is the meaning of life?" are very diverse. Some of us call the meaning of life family, some call knowledge and success, some call love. The common point of these answers is that they look at the meaning of life as the meaning of existence. Today, I invite you to look at the concept of the meaning of life from a different perspective. Instead of “What is the meaning of life?” ask yourself, “How can I give meaning to my life?”Entire Article

Haven't Started Meditation Yet?

The way to get rid of thoughts is through meditation. While meditating is easy, it is difficult to do it consistently. Even if you don't know anything about meditation, you can learn something from Guru google at the beginning. Meditation is a simple technique that allows you to develop positive concentration by focusing on the breath. It is not necessary to be a university graduate and know several languages to meditate. Entire Article

The Way to Reach the Truth

If you don't like what's going on in your life and what's going on around you, it's time to get to the truth. The way to reach the truth begins with establishing a friendship relationship with oneself, that is, getting to know oneself. The most powerful technique that can enable a person to establish a friendship relationship with himself is Breath Awareness, that is, meditation.Entire Article

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