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Now there is a beautiful place in a village where the most peace is felt and the most green. Tushita is known as the place of joy and happiness. According to a different rumor, the paradise of divine beings. We expect those who do not leave happiness to chance.


Dear Yoga and Meditation Lovers If you are looking for a peaceful place for your camp or retreat Tushita will be the best choice for you. Pls contact us


It takes 3 hours to get to Tushita from Istanbul. Tushita is 14 km far away from Abant. The Abant Lake Natural Park takes place within the borders of Bolu Province Central District in Karadeniz (Blacksea) Region. The Abant Lake, which is a tectonic structure, shelters a variety of plants in itself and have a great open air recreation potentiality. As a result of these characteristics of the lake, 1150 hectares of it had been taken under the status of Natural Park in the year 1988. 

The main plant species in the park are; Scotch Pine, beech tree, larch tree, oak tree, poplar tree, ash tree, horn - beam tree, willow tree, juniper tree, forest rose, tamarisk, hazelnut tree, medlar tree, priest hat, azarole, holly, dog - rose, bracken, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, nettle, mare's tail, and a variety of pasture grasses and trees. The main animal species in the park are; pig, deer, roe deer, bear, fox, jackal, rabbit, some birds of prey and singing birds. The endemic species Abantalası in the lake forms the fauna 

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