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  We set out to add meaning to your life. You enjoy this job immensely and it gives us great pleasure to know that we can support you to make the most of your energy and performance.Our aim isto support you to discover the true meaning and to be the protagonist of your life so that you can live your life exactly as you imagine it, to motivate you on the way to find and achieve your desires and bring more joy and pleasure to your life.Our ultimate goalstarting from you global taking an active role in peacekeeping 


We know that modern life causes us to lose our ability to bring our potential to the surface. Our pace of life and the intensity of all external factors prevent us from benefiting from our past experiences. Here we desire to enable you to use all the power within you for your own development, to help you discover new skills and techniques so that you can be happy. Let's support global peace together!


our vision


To be an exemplary development workshop, aware of its social responsibilities, without compromising the principles of honesty, confidentiality and trust.


Our Mission

To take an active role in ensuring global peace by helping our clients increase personal joy with the techniques and teachings we have chosen.

Transformal Nefes, Nefesini Yeniden Kazan, Sibel Kavunoğlu
How Can We Serve You?
  1.  You can find your life's purpose, gain power to set your goals.​

  2. You can reach your inner truth with powerful guided meditations. 

  3. It can increase your self-worth, love. You can train your heart.

  4. You can free yourself from the fear of vulnerability and self-expression.

  5. You can let go of anger, fear, or depression.

  6. You can increase creativity and performance levels.

  7. You can resolve interpersonal conflicts and relationship problems.

  8. You can learn powerful techniques that release emotional patterns that limit your personal and spiritual progress.

  9. Intuition ve you can improve your psychic ability.

  10. You can discover your dreams.

Our Code of Ethics

In My Relationships With My Clients;


  • I will provide clear and concise information about the service provided to my client.

  • I will accurately convey my expertise, experience and abilities 

  • I will not knowingly and willfully mislead my client's beliefs and wishes  

  • I will not provide misleading information and advice to potential clients and current clients.

  • I will respect the truth of my client during the service.

  • I will follow the parameters that show that the client did not benefit from the service received.

  • When I believe that the client should receive services from another source and coach, I will provide the necessary guidance to my client.

  • I will take the necessary steps to refer you to other counsellors, coaches, and services that are most appropriate for the client.

  • I will take the necessary actions without hesitation, including notifying the competent authorities if the client has intentions to harm himself or others

  • Unless my client authorizes me, I will always apply the rule of keeping client information confidential.

  • I will not share the client's information, financial agreements with third parties.

  • I will not let my own benefit and the benefit of the client get in the way

According to the law, every work we do with you is done with the aim of having a good time. We have to inform you that no guarantee is given regarding your health. The personal or legal responsibility for the decisions you make or the choices you make as a result of the sessions we hold together rests solely with you. When you make an appointment with us, you confirm that you do not have any mental, emotional or physical condition that prevents you from receiving services from us. We are not qualified to give you legal, financial, medical or any advice and do not give advice. If you need any advice, we recommend reaching out to a professional with the appropriate legal license.

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