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TBF Certified Breath Coaching Seminar (Level IV)  Istanbul

DR. It will be held as a Hybrid seminar under the leadership of JUDITH KRAVITZ.


  • Level IV A  2-8 June 2023        

  • Level IV B  11-17 August 2023    _cc781905-5cde-1336badcf58d_

Transformal Nefes Koçluğu
Dr. Judith Kravitz
Education Process



Level IV Seminar is given with a Seminar program consisting of two separate seven-day sessions focusing on coaching skills and experiences in order to reach professionalism and become a certified breathing coach in Transformational Breath® . (Level A and Level B)


The first chapter is Transformational Breath® understanding the technique, awareness in the breath and used in Transformational Breath®; It includes tools such as breath analysis, Miracle Consciousness, practice of “Work”, Psycho-spiritual counseling, Learning of body map and other manual practices, intonation, use of invocations, key areas of transformation, session structuring and mutual working space with clients.


In the seminar; The life-changing effects of Transformational Breath®

After the experience, many participants set their heart on this path.

to learn the breath more deeply and to share this experience with others.

decides to share.


This seminar brings us to an advanced breathing technique, the skill of a master breath therapist, a deeper commitment to Transformational Breath®, and a large family of Transformational Breathing breath enthusiasts and trainers from all over the world.

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