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Let Breath Enter Your Life, Transform You

  • Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful and safe way to fill the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work up to their healing capacity. It facilitates opening to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to access our deeper resources and live our lives in joy and abundance.

  • With Breathwork, we can enjoy optimum mental health, emotional clarity, and an ever-deepening relationship with ourselves. This is the way we embark on the ultimate journey: the way we discover who we truly are. It can also facilitate the growth needed to become the person we can be. More

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Happiness is beyond a breath....

Transformal Nefes

Have You Watched A Little Child Play? 

Totally immersed, completely unconscious and original (authentic). Children, like them, are a wonderful reminder of our innate ability to just live in being. So when did we lose this ability and how do we get back there? 

From a very early age we are taught how NOT to be original. Parents give children signals about what is "ok" and "not good", and children develop and adopt strategies to gain approval.  But over time these behaviors become the norm and further distance us from who we really are.  More


Transformational Breath® to radically transform your life and it's easier to achieve your goals

Transformal Nefes

Discover Your Spirituality with Transformational Breath'

Transformational Breath® offers many things that one wishes to experience in this world, physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.


The first level of Transformational Breath® is the Physical level. On a physical level, we try to open the breath. So, why is Opening the Breath important?   


When we constantly take open and full breaths, we encounter interesting experiences. With the first breath taken in a previously closed area, access to past memories and emotions is provided. These memories and emotions are pushed into the subconscious because they are not fully felt or expressed. When pushed into the subconscious, they form a kind of vibrational filter as we live our lives. More



If you do not try, you do not know


What is Meditation?

Meditation can be defined as “familiarity”, “familiarity”. With meditation, we discover the truth by focusing on any object or event and using our intuition and inner wisdom.  We can get very upset or even angry when someone disrespects us in a way we don't deserve. The reason we are sad and angry comes from being familiar with negative behaviors and emotions. By meditating, we can become more familiar with the positive instead of the negative, learn to incorporate the positive into our lives more easily and naturally, and be more calm and patient, even more loving and compassionate, in the face of people who behave disrespectfully.More

Silent Worship and Meditation

If we expect love from the outside, we must first discover the love inside.


Benefits of Meditation

  1. Clarifies the mind, improves positive concentration. 

  2. A peaceful mind ensures self-esteem and happiness

  3. Strengthens memory. 

  4. It gives you the strength to face life's challenges with calmness.

  5. Allows your full potential to be unleashed

  6. It makes you better control your thoughts. 

  7. It makes it easier for you to make decisions.

  8. It improves your sleep quality.                    More


Becoming familiar with meditation”, It can be defined as "familiarity".

Sibel Kavunoglu

Why Meditation?

From the beginning of human evolution until today, humans have sought pleasure and happiness in many ways. At least we know that happiness does not depend on wealth. You don't have to go to the Himalayas to gain awareness. We are aware of many things because we can easily reach many things. Everyone is searching for better ways to somehow achieve a happy and joyful life. Meditation is one of the ways to have a happy and joyful life...More

Meditation Class

Peace of Mind or a Calm State of Mind Makes a Person Sensitive to Compassion and Compassion.

Transformal Nefes Semineri

Transformational Breath Seminar with Sibel Kavunoğlu
16-21 May 2023

The 6 days you will spend apart from your normal routine, work, life, family and friends will give you the opportunity to step outside of your life and look at your life and where you are in your life. It is easier for your life to be transformed and transformed into a positive one without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On the other hand, the fact that this change is happening in the same environment with people who are completely unfamiliar to you will bring a deep security problem to the surface and transform it. Detail Information

Girl Relaxing

Reclaim Your Breath
28-30 April 2023 Tushita

Gaining more energy, better health and more balance is directly linked to how we breathe. Over the weekend we will focus on how we breathe and how we should breathe.  More information

Transformal Nefes Semineri

Dr. Transformational Breath Coaching in Hybrid Order with Judith Kravitz

  • Level IV A  5-11 June 2023        

  • Level IV B  11-17 august 2023   

Level 4 is a 14-day training focused on providing participants with the coaching skills and experience necessary to professionally perform Transformational Breath® and obtain certification.   More information


Transformational Breathing Instructor Training with Judith Kravitz

    1-7 April 2024 Antalya  

Whether your goal is to become a Transformational Breath® Instructor or not, this program is a tremendous opportunity to expand your ability to express your own truth, gain confidence, and share who you are with more joy and conviction than ever before.   More information

Sibel Kavunoglu

Mind to Heart
Way Back Home Meditation Workshop
On Your Own Time on Spotify (*)

Every moment we spend training our hearts is precious. All our heart has to do is love, the more often we remember ​​the easier it is to distance ourselves from judgment and reproaches._cc781905-5cde-3194_cff358- More information


Would you like to review our Institutional Studies?

Our work includes activities that increase motivation, make decisions, and provide mental, emotional and physical balance.  We can design special works according to the needs of your institution.More


Mindfulness is seen as a mystical tool that will completely change our lives,  feel good. Unfortunately, mindfulness is not like that. As the saying goes, it doesn't make us feel good all at once.  You have to work hard to feel good. It is sometimes thought of as an effective medicine that can be used to get over a distressing situation. This is also completely wrong. More


According to Thich Nhat Hanh, the way to give ourselves the love and compassion we need is to heal the child within each of us.


In order for children to feel a sense of belonging, they need to feel understood and loved. They need to make sure they are seen and loved.



If each of us were asked what kind of creature you want to be before you are born, most of us would answer this question as "I want to be a creature with the potential of love, compassion, joy and patience and courage." In fact, each of us has such potential. Unfortunately, we focus on everything else other than focusing on this potential.More



It is very important for us to ensure the flow during breathing exercises. Because when flow is established, it becomes easier to connect with the life force. Why is it important to connect with the life force?More



When we look inside our body, we cannot find the mind anywhere. If we have to, we show our brains. We have no direct experience of the mind. Mind is an abstract concept. However, through meditation, it is possible to know the mind through direct experience. More

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