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Special For You 
 We have created a special corner for you on this page. 


Dalai Lama, Your Meditation 

tells how to do it. 

Dalai Lama explains that Compassion does not mean weakness

Dr. Judith Kravitz talks about Transformational Breath

Useful Books

  • The Art of Happiness Dalai Lama

  • The Power of Compassion - Dalai Lama

  • The Power of Now - Ecart Toole

  • Loving What Is -Bryon Katie

  • Breathe Deep Stay Joy-Judith Kravitz

  • The Existential Process- Michael Brown

  • Back to Love - Marian Williams

  • When Everything's in Clutter - Pema Chodrön

  • The Places You Scare - Pema Chodrön

  • Journey Home - Kryon

  • Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtues

  • The Dark Side of the Seekers of the Light - Debbie Fori

  • Why Good People Do Bad Things - Debbie Ford

  • Mental Causes of All Diseases- Louise L Hay

  • The Power Within-Laura Day/Remzi Kitapevi 

  • The Teachings of Don Juan / Another Reality / The Journey of Xtlan - Carlos Castanada

  • Alan-Lyn McTaggart

  • The Infinity of the Point- Lütfi Filiz 

  • Spiritual Laws- Dianna Cooper

Useful Links 

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