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Meditation Activities

From the beginning of human evolution until today, humans have sought pleasure and happiness in many ways. At least we know that happiness does not depend on wealth. You don't have to go to the Himalayas to gain awareness. We are aware of many things because we can easily reach many things. Everyone is searching for better ways to somehow achieve a happy and joyful life. Meditation is one of the ways to have a happy and joyful life...

Mind to Heart
Way Back Home Meditation Workshop
SOn Your Own Time on potify (*)
Meditation by the Beach

As long as we live, we oscillate between two choices. Some of us focus on developing our intelligence, prefer to use it. By sharpening his intelligence, he reaches the level of cunning. The heart remains in the background. 

Conclusion; He becomes a smart but cruel person.

​Some of us choose to be people of the heart. He always shows goodwill, makes a lot of sacrifices. He loses his judgment, constantly running around to help. Meanwhile, he is abused by himself and others. 


The result is a person with a large heart but helpless. 


The only thing that will gather the heart will be intelligence = mind = mind that is adept at focusing. To summarize; There is a need to explore what it means to have intelligence/mind/mind and heart together. This study can shed light on you on the way to become a person of mind and heart. 

Workshop content: Technical information will be shared about the importance of the meditation work and how it will be done.  

Topics to focus on during the workshop: The Way Back Home, Understanding the Mind, True Love, Recognizing Your Inner Child. All titles contain information on how we can eliminate those who prevent us from living a balanced and harmonious life. At the end of the workshop, between 20.45 and 21.00 hours will be reserved for questions and sharing. Participation is optional. Zoom recording of the workshop will be available for one week.  

The Proceeds of This Work Go to Organizations Interested in the Development of Children.will be hosted. Create your group (min 6 people), Contact Us, Let's meet online

Fee:1500 TL 

(*) Sportify in version; the timing is shorter than the original meditation workshop.

Mind to Heart

Go Inside, Meditation Workshop at "STOP"

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Coming Soon on Spotify Podcast 

Go In, Say Stop'' This workshop is about understanding feelings and thoughts.


Negative emotions are necessary for survival. Positive emotions have an expanding effect, causing negative emotions to decrease. Thus, space is created to create a warm heart. The truth is that creating a warm heart can only be possible in our own heart. To learn to love without attachment, we must increase the capacity of our heart. During this study, you will have the opportunity to personally experience the nature of the mind and heart, supported by scientific studies, and the purifying effect of positive emotions. 


Every moment we spend training our hearts is precious. All our hearts have to do is love. The more often we remember love ​​the easier it is to distance ourselves from judgment and condemnation. American psychology professor Barbara Fredricken, after clinical studies, revealed that a warm heart makes the vagus nerve work more, and the effect that occurs in the vagus is not limited to the vagus but has a relaxing effect on the whole body.  

Summary content:How can we bring the meditation technique into our lives with easy and powerful applications?  Love, Compassion, Joy and Equality&Balance What is the way and how to activate 4 immeasurable emotions?   

The Proceeds of This Work Go to Organizations Interested in the Development of Children.will be hosted. 

Fee:1500 TL 

Mind to Heart
The Way to Have a Fearless Heart

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Make It Special For You

The whole world is in turmoil. While we have been chasing a successful career, a beautiful physique, a life of pleasure and happiness for years, we are now faced with illness, life and economic crisis. Chasing success and dealing with economic threats at the same time closes the heart. We respond by closing our hearts to cope with pain and suffering. However, each of us has the capacity to develop the potential for wisdom and compassion within us.  


We need our heart to experience our true nature and humanity. In this, it is necessary to make a radical change in our mind in order to connect with our true nature and leave the loneliness of the egocentric mind behind. We must recognize how our way of thinking and behavior contribute to the existence of our pain and suffering. According to Buddhist teachings, it is possible to free ourselves from the sufferings of this world by understanding the nature of the mind that drags it here and there. To do this, we must allow the courage to connect with others, recognizing that we are all interconnected and are the same by nature. When the fear of opening the heart is overcome, we can find connection, love, and compassion that expands and moves beyond our imagination. Teaching and meditation practices that will help you internalize all this information will be shared at the Way to Have a Fearless Heart Workshop. 


All sentient beings have the potential for full wisdom and compassion.

Fee: 1500.- TL

50 Shades of Mercy

The Way to Be Friends with Yourself

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Make It Special For You

Self-compassion is a misunderstood and neglected part of our lives. If this continues, it means depriving him of being with the painful difficult situations that are part of life. 

From the moment we are born in this world, we are taught a lot of things to continue our lives, to acquire an identity. We are taught that we must also follow the spiritual path to benefit others and ourselves. When we have problems with ourselves and in our relationships with others, we can be negative self-talk, critical thinking, judgmental, and especially very cruel to ourselves. How can we be with ourselves with love and acceptance by learning to show compassion for ourselves in this Workshop? How can we transform our inner voice to be supportive and compassionate? How can we be right with ourselves? You will gain insight into In this way, you can take the opportunity to connect your capacity for wisdom and compassion in a positive way by establishing a friendly relationship with yourself and your actions.

Anyone who wants to make a change in their life but is struggling with motivation and self-criticism can benefit from the practice of self-compassion. It has been found that motivating ourselves with kindness is much more effective than self-criticism, fear, and aggression. Research shows that the more we can be with our own pain, the more we can stay connected with others without having to fix it, get rid of it, numb it, or be affected. 


Self-Compassion is Easier for Most of Us to Say than to Do! 

Here atölye studies therapy is not. Meditation and on human nature has an inside to take with you both theory, science and research findings, as well as experimental exercises and applications_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58

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