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Transformal Nefes
Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® to radically transform your life and it's easier to achieve your goals

Meditation to Be Happy

Meditation can be defined as "being familiar", "becoming familiar". Through meditation, we discover the truth by focusing on any object or event and using our intuition and inner wisdom.

Transformal Nefes
Corporate Life and Unconventional Spiritual Practices 

Spiritual awareness exercises  provide motivation, decision making, mental, emotional and physical balance.  

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What Did the Participants of Our Studies Say?

...The best thing that has happened to me is to find myself with everything, to return to my essence. I know very little about such blissful peace. I like it because it makes you feel energetic, dynamic, serene, variable and peaceful. A very different, pleasant and indescribable experience.

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