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Full-Day Transformational Breath® Workout

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Full-Day Transformational Breathwork
Two Separate Runs in February 

5th of Februaryand on Sunday, February 26 

10.30-17.30 hours

Arnavutkoy- Besiktas Istanbul


What awaits you in the Full-Day Transformational Breathwork?

1- You discover your own breathing pattern and what it means

2- Discover the meaning of integration at the Physical, Mental/Emotional and Spirit level of Transformational Breath

3- You can find out if you use the diaphragm muscle at full capacity.

3- Do 2 Full Transformational Breaths and 100 Breaths of Joy

4- You Make Good Friendships👬

5-You will be more connected with yourself,


6- You Will Have a New Story✨✨✨


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