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Transformational Breath®

  • Increasing your individual awareness, 

  • Feeling more physical and mental energy,

  • To criticize less, to receive and give more joy and love,

  • Don't you want your emotional and physical pain to disappear completely and to find answers to difficult questions about life?


Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful and safe way to fill the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work up to their healing capacity. It facilitates opening to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to access our deeper resources and live our lives in joy and abundance.


With Breathwork, we can enjoy optimum mental health, emotional clarity, and an ever-deepening relationship with ourselves. This is the way we embark on the ultimate journey: the way we discover who we truly are. It can also facilitate the growth needed to become the person we can be.

Some people see Breathwork as a deep spiritual experience, while others love the energy it gives them to overcome each day. Some use it to complement their yoga practice. Anyone, young or old, can do breathing exercises.  The only thing the participants have in common is that Conscious Connected Breathing has changed their lives.

Breathwork and You

Have you ever watched a small child play? 

Totally immersed, completely unconscious and original (authentic). Children, like them, are a wonderful reminder of our innate ability to just live in being. So when did we lose this ability and how do we get back there? 

From a very early age we are taught how NOT to be original. Parents give children signals about what is "ok" and "not good", and children develop and adopt strategies to gain approval.  But over time these behaviors become the norm and further distance us from who we really are. Our relationships with others are a direct reflection of our relationships with ourselves. If you are not sincere with yourself, you cannot hope to establish intimacy with another person. If you're looking for originality, you need to be authentic to yourself. If you want to be respected by others, you have to respect yourself. If you want to see the fronts of others, you must first get behind your own.

The Breathwork here is your ticket to the memory of your true self, a journey that can open you up more than you ever imagined. It allows you to become enlightened and realize that you are already fine as you are. By freeing yourself from dramas, you can find your center, find joy within, and consciously create a life that you are happy to be a part of.


Conscious Connected Breathing is the ultimate self-help tool. Always with us, it's free and easy to use and there aren't too many rules on how to apply.  O is also infinite like us.

Breathing and Physical Health

Most of us are aware that we are not breathing at full capacity. On average, we use about 25% of our respiratory systems, sometimes even less. The importance of breath becomes even more apparent when we consider that most of our energy comes from what we breathe and that almost all of our detoxification takes place with our breath.


Oxygen levels on Earth are decreasing dramatically. In prehistoric times, the oxygen content of pristine nature was well above 21% of the total volume today. In large cities, the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is 12-17%. Getting enough oxygen is difficult to maintain health at these levels: proper oxygen intake is required to keep body cells and organs and the entire immune system functioning at full efficiency. At the levels we reach today, cancers and other degenerative diseases are likely to develop, and 6 to 7% are no longer viable [1]. Ervin Laszlo, Macroshift, 2001. It is becoming more and more important that we make the most of our existing capacity.


Body health, cellular health, and fully oxygenated/energized cells are deeply intertwined. Oxygen and energy move together in the vehicle of the breath; therefore breath is – literally – life. 

Breath and Mental/Emotional Health

When our body's fight, flight, or freeze response kicks in, we suppress uncomfortable emotional and mental states. This may have been a lifesaver for our furry ancestors, but most of us today live a life that overloads ourselves with raw mental/emotional material fueled by adrenaline. Fight or flight is no longer useful or necessary. In fact, it becomes a responsibility for most of us.


Using the mind to solve a mental or emotional problem can be a long and often futile process. You cannot change or 'downgrade' your past by rethinking it. In fact, the opposite is often true. The more attention we pay to a particular event in our past, the more meaningful it will appear and the more it "holds" on us.


Instead, we must dig deeper and find the energy that holds the issues in place. We need to create a change where energy can be released and reprocessed. As the cleansing takes place, the mental, emotional and physical levels are adjusted accordingly.

I let go of so much weight that I reconnected with the 'real' me... and the effects last a long time. Every day brings new insights and clarity about who I am and what I want to do!”


"I don't drink coffee or alcohol anymore and I practice every morning and every night... I feel great!"


“More positive… less angry”


"After 2.5 days I feel more energetic..there is a definite sense of calm and serenity.


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