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How to Get to Tushita 

 Taskesti Elmacik Dere Village Abdullar Mevkii  No: 43/1-2

You can reach Tushita from two different points.

one-For those who will come from Ankara and Bolu;After entering from Lake Abant, follow the sign for Taşkesti village. When you come to a junction 10 km after Abant lake, continue up the Elmacık creek turn on the right. After passing the old pink house on your right, turn right and continue down. After the road becomes flat, take the narrow road on the left where the small mosque with the tin minaret is located and continue straight up. After about 500 meters, you will see two large buildings on the left. Go down the ramp. You will have reached Tushita.  ( Tell them that you are going to Taşkesti village at the entrance to Abant Lake so they don't charge you.)

2-For those who will come from Istanbul: You take the toll road from Istanbul. While going to Bolu on the toll road, after Sakarya (Adapazarı) turn right at Akyazı turnout. On your way from Akyazı, after passing Dokurcun village and Sarot, you come to the center of Stone Cut. In the center, you continue on your way for 14 km from the point where the Elmacık dere village arrow points. Do not continue straight  . That road goes to Abant. After 6 km you will see the old pink house on the left. You go down the road on the left before the old Pink house. When you go down, continue by following the Abdullar sign. Turn left to the street where you see the small mosque with the tin minaret on your left, continue straight and you will see two large buildings on the left. That's Tushita..

Transportation for those who will not come by car

Those who will come from Istanbul or Ankara from both directions, preferably come to Adapazarı bus station first and get on the Sarot car from platform 79. There are vehicles departing from Adapazarı at 11.30, 14.00 and 17.  Taxi from Sarot to Tushita costs around 100  TL.  If you get on the car that leaves at 11.30, we can pick you up from Sarot free of charge.

Sarot minibus (Vib tourism) tel: 0374 424 50 03

For those coming from the direction of Ankara and wanting to reach Tushita from Bolu, our recommendation is to take a taxi. Taxi fare varies around 500 TL depending on the negotiation. To determine the price, you can tell the taxi driver that you will go to the creek village 14 km after Abant.  (As the prices are constantly changing, we recommend that you get confirmation by phone. The prices given here are for reference only)

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