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What Participants In Our Work Said? 
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What the Participants of the Regain Your Breath Study Said....


.....I experienced a feeling that I experienced for the first time in my life. I want to know more....October 2022

.....A wonderful gift for those who want to give a gift to themselves. It was full of content, every moment was very valuable and fun...October 2022


......Definitely welcomed, I feel like I fulfilled my intention. I felt like I had earned my voice.April 2022

...his smiling, caring and embracing manner made me feel like a family.... April 2022


....Everything was perfect. Maybe it could have been a little longer. Sincerity Step by step the goal is reached. I feel closer to my goals...  April 2022

..Using my voice with all its strength I Feel the Transformation. I became stronger and more energetic. My expectations were more than met.. November 2021


..It was very different. I participated in many things. Wow, when it's over.. Kasım​2021


.....Peace, happiness, hope, serenity, an unconditional belief that everything will be alright A person can receive the same education from different people under different conditions. I felt that I received this education with the right person. When you study at Harvard, you are sure of the quality of education, or so...November 2021


....Thanks to the weekend work, where you showed us the meaning and value of breathing, we have been enlightened to love ourselves, be nice to ourselves, and that we don't have to carry the burdens of others. I would like to thank you for taking us to your paradise and healing us. I realized that I am my own best friend in life and that I should treat him well. In the morning session on the last day, I hugged myself tightly, it became two me. Afterwards, I saw that the two mes joined hands and one me defended the black, but the other me defending the white made me me and the two mes were hopping around peacefully.November 2021


....The fact that the breath is so integrated with nature impressed me a lot. I feel peace, serenity and relaxation. I regained my breath. I feel free, loving, loving and very calm2019

A work that touches the essence, heals while touching, wraps and brings our essence together with the universe in the journey of pleasure.2019

...What I like most about this work; the energy it creates a sense of unity and integrity, and the close interest and sincerity of our coaches....It was way above my expectations 2019

...I can't help but say that besides having a very nice weekend, it was a very nice experience and this experience changed my life :) But I still didn't quit my job, I started to love it more :) The flow of my life has changed. I even noticed that my reactions changed when I faced a situation that would make me very sad. The most important thing was to meet you.2019

...What I like most about this work is to feel the unconditional love and compassion.. It is a very relaxing and transformative work like its name...2019

...I am so glad that I made this journey that suddenly came into my life by chance. Right after the first day I started my breathing journey, a more intense weekend made me say that this is the moment. This age, where I think more about the journey to myself now, has been a real shot for me at an age and time when I think more about it. The beautiful energy of you and this place surrounded us all. I'm glad I came and I will definitely recommend it. I am very happy and really light because I have the opportunity to experience many things that I have never felt before. Good to have you, good to know Seyhan and İlhan. GO ON, STAY WITH LOVE...2018

Nefes, Transformal Nefes, Nefesini Yeniden Kazan, Meditasyon

Transformational Breath Seminar
What Did Participants Say?

... It was a seminar that gave me the feeling of a small nuclear family, trusting the information and making me feel safe. There is a lot of work behind it, thank you very much...November 2022

... This seminar was like a miracle happening. I feel the energy. I feel that energy in my heart. It's like you touched our heart with a magic wand. Now my soul can't fit inside me...November 2022


...You make me see the respect and love I have for myself. The pleasure and tolerance of love exceeded my expectations.August 2022

...I feel that I am touching the essence inside me. I am very happy to have discovered what this feeling is that will increase exponentially.August 2022

...The approach, knowledge sharing, and compassionate approach of all coaches and Sibel In addition, the content of the program is very well-formed. It contains very satisfying information and practices.August 2022

...The meditations before and after the breath were invaluable. Intentions were spontaneous. The coaches were very very good. Their awareness of questions was very informative. Every detail is thought out and organized and collective activities. My expectations and beyond were met....May 2022

...Every moment is very well planned. Coaches that are always bursting with energy. Sincere moments. The feeling of meeting all the participants for a hundred years. Everything was perfect...May 2022

...It was perfect. Thank you very, very much. My soul was healed. My heart is shining with love I am sending my love and light to all trainers and coaches...May 2022

...It felt so good to get rid of my emotional burdens and to be physically liberated. The trainers and coaches were very supportive, full of love and compassion... May 2022 body relaxed. Both my speech and body language expression have improved. 

Strengthening my spiritual connection was my first goal when I came here, and I believe I have succeeded. I would like to tell about the love in my heart, but you already know...April 2019

...I made a deeper connection than I did in my previous works. I received guidance and when I look at people, I can say that what I see is different, I see their colors...April 2019

... It was here that I decided to quit smoking. But I quit more harmful emotions and people than cigarettes. This has been my priority. Everything was professional and from the heart...April 2019

...The thing I like the most; sharing love, sharing knowledge, sharing power and many more beautiful posts. You don't know what the miracles you've done for me mean to me. You gave my life in my hands...April 2019 


...I feel more confident. I feel my own power...April 2019 

.....I can go from anger to loveIt's been a trip. I feel better now. ​He was very organized, caring, disciplined but elastic and very professional.May 2018

....The best thing that has happened to me about the seminar is that I find myself with everything and return to my essence. I know very little about such blissful peace. I like it because it makes you feel energetic, dynamic, serene, variable and peaceful. It is a very different, pleasant and indescribable experience. It met my expectations when I came here. But it created new expectations, I liked it.May 2018 

... Judith, Sibel and All the team leaders and coaches created a positive atmosphere with their loving and trusting approach. I am very happy and feel like I will pierce mountains. It more than met my expectations. I liked everything very much, especially the energy I felt was very good. I feel better.May 2018 

 ...At the end of 6 days, I feel free from my anxious thoughts that are not clearly serving me. I feel free. Everything is well thought out.....May 2017

....Sibel you were radiant inspring organizer . Thank you with love...May 2017

Tushita I Abant

Visitors to Tushita
What Did He Say?


...I'm glad I came! What if I hadn't come…. Thank you...

Dear Tushita, I needed to minimize my stress. Thank you for providing this. Also, thank you for increasing my closeness with God. I'm calmer now, I'm cleared now Thank you very much for that. Maybe I'll see you again if I'm on my way again, take care…With my endless favors (said by a 16-year-old guest)...

.. Unexpected couple of days and unexpected place.. I could not have asked the universe for a greater gift. The food, gardening and moment of silence will always stay with me. I will be back some meditation.... 


.... Dear Teacher and Tushita, A place where my soul finds peace and rest is like a corner of heaven. I love you so much for creating these beauties for us.... 

.....Dear Teacher and Tushita, It is wonderful to be here, it is a place that gives peace and happiness and you are the most important factor in this. Your energy has been incredibly good to me. Stay with love. 

... Dear Tushita, Endless thanks to you and my dear teacher Ms. Sibel for giving me a peaceful energy, finding myself free of anxiety, being filled with joy and changing my perspective on life. With joy, peace and happiness

....In my prayers, I was saying that no one can come between me and the Creator.. Yes, while I was still saying this, you gave me direction on what to do and how to do it even in my prayers. It turns out that there were so many things that went through my heart and that I wanted to happen. Now I believe that these will come true. Thanks to you, everything will be better with your guidance.

...Dear Tushita, when I asked my heart about my feelings about you, tears flowed from my eyes and said "LOVE" I am grateful for these two wonderful days where I felt love.


...My dear teacher and Tushita Good luck to you 💚 This place needs you Who knows how many people it will inspire healing Tushita Who knows how many souls will find themselves here again. Who knows how great healing energy will spread from here to the world It is good that you are here, it is good that you intend to bring this place to us, my teacher. With my best regards....

... You said that everything has a good and a bad side. You don't like your obsessive side, but it's good that you became obsessive and founded Tushita, and if you weren't, maybe you wouldn't be such a good guide....

What Did You Like The Most? 

Sincerity, organization, sincerity, food


I had a very pleasant experience. I feel relaxed, opened, happy and peaceful


The stress I experience in daily life has decreased a lot this weekend and relief has come.


It was very good that the sessions were flowing like breathing and were energetic, and that the tone of compassion was high.

Personal comments and the fact that we are doing the session in his awareness I feel relieved

My journey towards myself provided freedom and peace that I have not felt for a long time.

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