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Regain Your Breath With Sibel Kavunoğlu
17-19 February 2023 Tushita
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  Gaining more energy, better health and more balance is directly related to how we breathe. Over the weekend we will focus on how we breathe and how we should breathe. Breathing from the diaphragm 

You can maximize the benefits of more oxygen and pranic energy by eliminating the unnecessary muscle activities we use while we eat, and create more relaxation and peace. 

   Another feature that makes this weekend strong is Transformational Breath®With its special breathing model, it reaches the negative patterns in the subconscious, such as past traumas, negative emotions and limited beliefs, and transforms them into high-frequency energy that you create with your own breath. This clearing of the subconscious mind provides energetic openings that allow you to reach higher levels of awareness.

    Transformational Breath this weekend®IYou may discover that n is an effective tool that supports the realization of what you want. Health security will be provided in accordance with the current Pandemic Rules. 


  • Personal Breath Analysis
  • 5 Transformational Breaths, 100 Breaths
  • How Does Purification Occur?
  • Balancing Body Movements
  • Intention Meditation
  • Sound Healing Studies
  • Tibetan Youth Ritual
  • Intention Meditation
  • Self Breathing and more
You can contact us for detailed information about security orHealth firstYou can check the link. 


  • 19.00-22.30 on Friday
  • Saturday: 9.30 -18.30
  • Sunday 10.00-18.00
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