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Transformational Breath Towards More Originality Seminar
30 April-5 May 2024 Sarot Termak Park Hotel Mudurnu 

Transformational Breath® Technique Transforms Every Area of Human Consciousness to Experience


We hold our breath when faced with a traumatic or unpleasant experience in your life. Because our subconscious tries to protect us against this situation. Although holding the breath may support us for a moment, it suppresses the negativity and causes us to push it inside and imprison it in our cell memory. 

The negative energy in our cells negatively affects our cell health, our daily life and our thoughts about ourselves. 


Thanks to the high frequency of oxygen entering our body during the Transformational Breath® process, our electromagnetic frequency becomes higher and the low energy rises, so that the negative energies from the past in our subconscious begin to be revealed and cleared.


The breathing sessions we will do in the Transformational Breath® Seminar will transform your negative thoughts and suppressed emotions into a natural and positive state. This will allow you to be more cheerful and loving, extremely at peace with yourself and healthy.



In addition to the physical and mental effects of Transformational Breath, unlike other techniques, it includes spiritual transformation processes. This means unlimited goodness and greatness. 

What Does Participating in a Transformational Breathing Seminar Provide Me?


Transformational Breath Seminar,In addition to breathing sessions, it also helps you meet and experience many effective personal development tools that serve holistic well-being and health. With the powerful full breathing sessions held during the Transformational Breath seminar, our breath opens completely and begins to flow in a connected, natural and active way; this returns to us as health, energy, vitality and balance.


Negative, low-frequency energies in our cell memory that we have accumulated over the years - all negative thoughts and suppressed emotions, are transformed into a more positive one thanks to the high vibratory energy created by the breath we take with a special technique. Thus, it enables us to be more cheerful, loving, at peace with ourselves, peaceful and healthier. We can only connect with our source of life through breathing and we can take our life energy into our lives only through breathing.


Transformational Breath seminar,By using many different fields of influence of the breath, it helps us to reach our highest awareness, stay in the moment and exist with the natural flow in life, helping us to live as it is, with a state of acceptance and surrender.

 Where and how many days is the Transformal Nefes® Seminar? 

The 5 days you will spend apart from your normal routine, work, life, family and friends will give you the opportunity to step outside of your life and look at your life and where you are in your life. It is easier for your life to be transformed and transformed into a positive one without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On the other hand, the fact that this change is happening in the same environment with people who are completely unfamiliar to you will bring a deep security problem to the surface and transform it.


Know that every ascent comes after a descent. And a descent can turn into an ascent in a single breath, a single second. Transformational breathing seminar consists of success and impact, with powerful transformation tools one after the other. Every moment, every second, and everything that happens in the seminar has a reason. 


If you continue to the Level IV Stage I and Stage II seminar after this Strong change and transformation seminar and fulfill some other obligationsTransformational Breath®Coachyou can be. 

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