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     30 APRİL-5 MAY 2024 SAROT TERMAL PARK OTEL- MUDURNU                        

During the seminar, we will breathe twice a day. We will explore Different Uses of Full Diaphragm Breath such as Partner Breathing, Seated Breathing Sessions, Third Eye Breath, Throat Breath, Pool Rebirth Breath, Kundalini (*), 100 Joy Breaths, 8 to 12 Chakra Opening Breaths, Brain Balancing Breath, Mirror Breath.


In the morning, we will start the day with our rituals specially prepared for you. These exercises include effective transformation skills that you can continue to practice in your daily life. 


The Work: Bryon Katie We will benefit from special techniques that work strong with the Breath, such as Freedom from Judgments, Youth Spring Movements, Breath Analysis, Abundance and Abundance Plan, Dyatic Spirit-to-Soul Communication, Forgiveness Exercise, Focus, Ascension & Unfolding Exercises.

 Also Sound healing, You will enjoy Many Games, Many More Powerful Practices Through which You Can Experience Higher Levels of Consciousness….

 Your world will find a place of more inner peace, balance, transparency and joy. You can book your place with peace of mind.

 Dr. The first phase of Hybrid Level IV, led by Judith Kravitz
Level IV A  7-13 MAY 2024 will be held in Sarot Termal Park Hotel -Ilıca köyü/Mudurnu on
We recommend that you book your place in advance as a limited number of participants will be accepted.
Level IV B
10-16 august 2024  will be held on the Contact us for detailed information
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