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What Did the Participants of the Transformational Breath Seminar Say?

....Meditations, before and after breathing were invaluable. Intentions were spontaneous. The coaches were very very good. Their awareness of questions was very informative. Every detail is thought out and organized and collective activities. My expectations and beyond were met.... May 2022

...Every moment is very well planned. Coaches that are always bursting with energy. Sincere moments. The feeling of meeting all the participants for a hundred years. Everything was beautiful...May 2022 was perfect. Thank you very, very much. My soul was healed. My heart is shining with love I send my love and light to all trainers and coaches...May 2022

... It felt very nice to be freed from my emotional burdens and to be physically liberated. Trainers and coaches were very supportive, full of love and compassion... May 2022



....It was a journey where I was able to move from anger to love. I feel better now. ​He was very organized, caring, disciplined but elastic and very professional. May 2018

....The best thing that has happened to me about the seminar is that I find myself with everything and return to my essence. I know very little about such blissful peace. I like it because it makes you feel energetic, dynamic, serene, variable and peaceful. A very different, pleasant and indescribable experience. It met my expectations when I came here. But it created new expectations, I liked it. May 2018 

... Judith, Sibel and all the team leaders and coaches created a positive atmosphere with their loving and trusting approach, and I feel very happy and I feel like they will pierce the mountains. It more than met my expectations. I liked everything very much, especially the energy I felt was very good. I feel better. May 2018 

... All the coaches were extremely caring and giving and patient. I feel that my breath has opened, these 5 days have been wonderful. May 2018


....a feeling of family love togetherness, divine love awareness, joy, happiness, which is not found anywhere else, I learned the importance of life...May 2017

 ... At the end of 6 days, I feel free from my anxious thoughts that are not clearly serving me. Everything is well thought out.....May 2017

.... I haven't felt so safe and secure in a long time. The love of the mother's embrace, my soul, my mind, my whole body and all my feelings, I want to carry this magic with me before the relative reality is shattered...May 2017

 .... My goals were 3 I feel like I've accomplished one (getting rid of my worries) I think I've made progress in opening myself up to love, love and be loved. I may have accomplished my goal of acting without thinking too much, but I haven't had a chance to experience it yet. After a very stressful 4 months, I found my inner peace again and I am thinking of attending the next seminar. May 2017

....Sibel you were radiant inspring organizer . Thank you with love...May 2017

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