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Transformational Breath Coaching Training

Transformal Nefes Koçluğu

Professional Transformational Breath® Faciliator Training Level 4

Dr. Hybrid To Do With Judith Kravitz Level 4  A-B Training Dates

  • Level IV A  7-3 May 2024    

  • Level IV B  10-16 Ağustos 2024   

Transformational breathing seminar Level 1-2-3 will be held between 17-21 May 2023 for those who want to participate in breath coaching training  . Contact us  for informationcontact

  • PREREQUISITES: Completion of Personal Level training (5/6-day seminar or equivalent Level 1, 2 and 3 training)

Transformal Nefes Koçluğu

If You Are Feeling The Healing Vibrations Within You, This Training Is For You.


As a Certified Transformational Breath® Faciliator, you will be able to help people connect with their breath and use it as a tool for self-healing and transformation. During this training, you will expand your intuitive abilities, experience accelerated self-development, and create a deeper engagement with your breath. Breath Coaching Training begins with Level Four, where you will learn the skills and techniques needed to practice Transformational Breath® on a professional level. During the 14-day course, you will receive in-depth personal tutoring and mentorship from a Level Four Certified Instructor. While the environment offered in the training makes it possible to establish a strong bond with your training group, it also offers the opportunity to be a part of the international Nefes Coaching network.

Level 4A

In the first part of the Coaching Training you will learn:

  • Session procedure and rules.

  • Breath Analysis: The science of interpreting and observing the current breathing pattern to decide the steps needed to provide the client's complete, connected, and sustained breathing pattern.

  • Body Mapping: A unique practice technique for Transformational Breath® to help the client integrate their emotional trauma.

  • How is activation detected and carried out: When the breath is allowed to flow naturally and effortlessly, a frequency is created that allows and encourages deep emotional integration.

  • How are emotional integration cycles identified and managed in a breathing session?

  • The five main areas of emotional integration.

  • Miracle Awareness Program.

  • How to stay in the Moment and go beyond human limitations?

  • How to know when your mind is ready for the session and how to let go of any personal agenda during the session?

  • How can sensitivity be developed to your client's needs?

  • How can you develop your intuition as a Breath Coach?

  • The role of the Spirit.

PREREQUISITE: Transformational Breathing Seminar. Completion of level 1-2-3.

Level 4B

In the first part of the Coaching Training you will learn:

  •  How to use coaching and leverage to help your clients

  • Advanced facilitation techniques such as throat work.

  • Advanced Respiratory Analysis.

  • How to work safely with Specialization Groups: such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, heart conditions and asthma, among others.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Respiration.

  • Torus Breathing Session. 

At level 4B you will receive feedback and coaching on your paired sessions and we will have energetic initiation to help you gain clarity about your Mission in Transformational Breath and how to work from an environment of joy and empowerment.


A coach who completes Level IV training can take part in TBF programs and start working to do a coaching internship and to fulfill other requirements for certification. Contact us about internship content

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