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25 October 2022
Time 19.30-21.30 Online
Image by Damon On Road


Butterfly Effect

Edward Lorenz suddenly finds himself in something else while building a weather forecast model in 1963. “Can a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil cause a hurricane in America?” he asks himself the question.

The most important conclusion that emerges from the concept of the butterfly effect is that all living things on earth are somehow connected with each other, everything affects each other in a chain and it is this cycle of influence that creates life. Every detail that seems insignificant in our lives, every simple act we do, actually affects the flow of either ours or someone else's life. In short, the part is the harbinger of the whole, and every change in the part affects the whole.

Well what does it mean?

In fact, the Global Pandemic showed us that a wind on a butterfly's wing can turn into a storm in another country.

We invite those who want to create a new Butterfly Effect to discover what ordinary breath work can create on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 19.30.

Although participation is free, we say let's grow the ordinary effect together by donating any amount you want to the following organizations. You can make your donations with the explanation “Butterfly Effect with Breathing”. 

You can visit the websites(*) of the relevant organizations for the account number and other details required for assistance. Contact us to get detailed information about Breathwork after you donate. We say let's grow the ordinary effect together by making a donation. Contact us to get detailed information about Breathwork after you donate. 

Community Volunteers Foundation TOG 

Theme Foundation

Contemporary Life Support Association


What Did Previous Participants Say?

...It was nice to live in peace and quiet. Thank you so much for making this moment was a great session Let it heal and spread with butterfly effect :) are amazing, thank you to everyone who worked...

...I liked the feeling of contributing to the whole most about this session; and it felt very good to contribute to the whole in a work I did individually. Reasons that make this experience useful; The intention work guided by my teacher Sibel before we start the session makes my experiences very useful... This intention setting and pre-breath meditation prepares my mind. There has never been a situation that didn't work for me... I feel liberated and peaceful after each session. I personally realize the benefits of my experiences during the sessions in my life. This encourages me to do more breathing work. And from now on, I'm thinking of getting an online private session too...

.. There was a wonderful energy and a wonderful flow. Glad I joined and became a part of the circle. Especially in the fall of the storm, meditation created a great awareness. The quote you said at the most receptive point was the moment's receptive point. It's really a question I have to ask many times during the day.. 

The Butterfly Effect Will Not Take You Out of Breath

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