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Simple But Important

There are simple but important questions that do not come to our mind when everything is in order. These questions only arise when something goes wrong. The most popular one of those questions is;

What is the Meaning of Life?

Everyone who is young, old, educated, ignorant, rich and poor will face this question at a certain time in their lives. When this question comes to your mind, it may take years to find the answer. Let's try to answer this question;

‘’The meaning of life is Being Happy’’ in other words ‘’Getting rid of Pain or Fears’’.

How much do you want to be happy or free from fears?

100%? 30%? Or 50%?

I think the most appropriate answer is 100%.

Is it possible to be 100% happy or suffer 0%?

Perhaps you have now thought that it is impossible to suffer 0% pain or 100% fearless by remembering the fear, sadness and anger you feel from time to time. Some of you have even thought that it would not be possible to be 100% fearless, remembering the beloved Darwin's theory that painful or blissful experiences are inherited from our ancestors.

Buddhist view believes in contrast to Darwin's theory of evolution. They say that the mind is affected by internal and external factors, and that 100% fearless state can occur if these factors are eliminated. I have a small example of how the mind is affected by external factors. This example is about Friday and Monday. When you leave work on Friday, you tell your colleagues in the office ‘’ Good evening ‘with a big smile in your face. When you say ’good morning on Monday morning, there is no trace of smiles on Friday. This simple but important example that each of us has experienced many times proves that our happiness is shaped by external factors. 100% fearless state of mind will be automatically experienced when we end our dependence on external factors. I want to explain how this state will emerge by giving Gold Mine as an example. When the land removes, gold will begin to appear. When the earth of addiction, anger, jealousy and competition is removed to reach the 100% fearless state of the mind, the fearless state of the mind, which has been hidden in the deepest depths for centuries, will emerge gradually.

So, how do we lift this land?

Before answering this question, I think it is more correct to answer the following question.

Do I want to reach 100 percent fearless state of mind?

I will continue with this in my next article, so decide whether you want your fearless state to emerge until then.

Being 100% Fearless

The fulfillment of a person's desires depends on how much he wants what he desires. If the need is felt deeply, the fulfillment of the wishes will be easier. Therefore, I repeat the question I asked in my article last week.

Love and peace

Inspired by Geshe Damdul Bodhichitta Retreat

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