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What Did the Children Say?


Beyoğlu Street Children's Association 


In this center, day care and protection services are provided for children who work/are made to work on the street, and vocational trainings are provided for the children of families living in Beyoğlu and suffering from economic poverty. After the 6-month breathing work we did with the children, the children explained their experiences as follows.


What Did Dear Haji Say?

"I love myself". Back then, when I wasn't coming to class, I was very tired playing football and I felt very bad. On the first day I came to the class, I felt excited in the breathing exercise class. I felt good in the first lesson. Gradually I started to feel better. In the second lesson, I started to love myself. With each passing time, my breath opened and I started to love myself easily and quickly. I started to feel comfortable in every lesson. I see myself fast when playing football and I started to like this lesson more. I feel happy, excited and exuberant every week that passes. I love this course and my teachers. Thanks to them, I started to breathe better.


What Did Dear Habib Say?

Dear Teachers, We love you all very much, I was very curious when we started the lesson in the first week and the first day was very good, then my head started to hurt and I got happiness from the lesson and my life changed Thank you Teacher, you are very good people


What Did Dear Emin Say?

I didn't know anything when I joined the breathing class at first, but then I learned it slowly, then breathing added many good things to my life, we were meeting new teachers every week, very good things happened when breathing came into my life, now I can breathe more easily and run more easily. Thanks to breathing, very good things I learned and I had the opportunity to get to know more teachers. I recommend this breathing lesson to everyone, breathing is good because it is very beneficial and effective for our health. If I become an athlete maybe breathing then will be very useful.


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