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Nefes, Transformal Nefes, Nefesini Yeniden Kazan, Meditasyon

In My Relationships With My Clients;


  • I will provide clear and concise information about the service provided to my client.

  • I will accurately convey my expertise, experience and abilities 

  • I will not knowingly and willfully mislead my client's beliefs and wishes  

  • I will not provide misleading information and advice to potential clients and current clients.

  • I will respect the truth of my client during the service.

  • I will follow the parameters that show that the client did not benefit from the service received.

  • When I believe that the client should receive services from another source and coach, I will provide the necessary guidance to my client.

  • I will take the necessary steps to refer you to other counsellors, coaches, and services that are most appropriate for the client.

  • I will take the necessary actions without hesitation, including notifying the competent authorities if the client has intentions to harm himself or others

  • Unless my client authorizes me, I will always apply the rule of keeping client information confidential.

  • I will not share the client's information, financial agreements with third parties.

  • I will not let my own benefit and the benefit of the client get in the way

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