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Transformational Breath®

Changing the world....One Breath a Time

Would you like to….

  • Expand you awareness

  • Have more physical and mental energy

  • Be less judgmental of problems

  • Gain mental clarity and focus

  • Experience vivid connectedness with God/ Source

  • Get more joy from giving and receiving

  • Easily access answers to life's tough questions

  • Live a healthier, more vibrant life and find out the answers to the difficult questions related to life?


The Tibetan term for meditation means “ to become familiar” What arises in our mind is what we are most familiar with . If somenone treats us unkindly or disrespectfully, we immediately feel hurt or angry, it is because these are the reactions that we are most familiar with or habituated to.


Buddhist meditation involves making our mind familiar with positives states such become more natural and spontaneous. Then, when we encounter an unkind or hostile person we'll be more likely to remian calm and patient an deven feel compassion for them.

Workshops and Seminars

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