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See You Online

I trust this message finds you at peace and healthy. I know life is looking different for many of us right now. Thoughts and emotions are coming to the surface and I felt called to reach out to all my clients.

 As you know the Breath is an excellent tool at times like this and in an effort to support the present flow of the world, the Transformational Breath Foundation is currently offering a modified version of Transformational Breath® with Online Sessions.

 We have found that these online sessions offer a great level of support while being at home. Also, there is a different level of awareness and self-sufficiency for the Breather. It’s so beautiful to be able to learn a different way of working with your own Breath with the guidance of an experienced Facilitator.

 I am really joyful that I get to share this offer with you. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to call me.

 If you are ready to experience an online session, you can contact me by mail  we will schedule an appointment.


See you online very soon!

Sibel Kavunoğlu 

Certified Transformational Breath Senior Trainer


.....It was an interesting experience. But it works well.I felt better after the session. During the day I was more energic.I slept very well at night.   


.....The session was very deep and relaxing for me. There was no difference from face to face sessions. I felt safe during the session. On the other hand, my mind calmed down and I was able to connect with my feelings. This was a very valuable experience for me.....   


.......From this session, I experienced how peaceful it was to connect with my feelings and to connect with my heart.

What makes this experience beneficial for me; this session was to help open my heart.....

...My breathing session was really powerful. Although Sibel was not physically with me, I felt she was in the room during the session. Her verbal support helped me to get into the session.......



  1. Unless you completed TBF weekend or Seminar  You should have done at least 3 session

  2. Payment should be done before session

Session Fee: 90usd. 

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