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About Us 


We are here to help you to add new meaning to your life as the YWYR team. We are so happy that we are going to support you to use your energy and performance with best way ever. Our aim is:

  • To give more joy and pleasure to your life,

  • To motive you,

  • To support you to be leading role of your life,

  • To help to discover real meaning of your life which you dreamt of,

  • To help you to find out your real wish and your real reality.


We believe that modern life may cause you to lose your ability to raise your potantial up to the surface. Our life speed and density of outside factors may errect a barrier for getting benefit from our experiences.

We wish to help you to discover new ability and techniques and use your power for your personal development. Your Wish is Your Reality is initiated by Sibel Kavunoğlu. 


Our Vision

To be a role model in personal development without compromising the principles of trust, honesty and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To take an active role in ensuring global peace by mediating the personal joy of our clients with the techniques and teachings we choose.

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